Group exhibitions

2018- 5 international animalistic festival ZooArt, Artplay, Saint-Petersburg

2019- Exhibition "Nature class", Petersburg Artist gallery, Saint-Petersburg

2019- international graphic festival "Unigraphica 2019", Kovalenko museum, Krasnodar

2020- Exhibition "Space exploration", Khodynka gallery, Moscow

2020- Exhibition "Kryukrinoksy", Zdes' na Taganke gallery, Moscow

2020- Exhibition "South Sun of Russia", OKNA gallery, art center "Sevastopol", Sevastopol, Russia

2020- Art antropology festival "DEPRESSED_FEST", gallery "V glavnom", Tomsk (online)

2021- Exhibition “Worlds generated by love”, “Open living room”, Lermontov library, Saint-Petersburg

2021- Exhibition "Feminitives", OKNA gallery, art center "Sevastopol", Sevastopol, Russia

2021- Exhibition "Invisible women", The Culture Fund "Chetverg", Moscow

2021- Exhibition "Petersburg's Youth", Saint-Petersburg Union of Artists, Saint-Petersburg