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Hello and welcome to my site!




My name is Ann, I'm an artist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

About me

Born in 1986, in 2009 graduated from the Military Engineering and Technical University with a degree in Civil Engineer.

I havI have been engaged in creative activity since 2016.

For two years (since 2016) I studied academic drawing in the Evening drawing classes of the Academy of Arts and other art studios in St. Petersburg.


Techniques in which I work are graphics, painting, sculpture, collage.

About my artworks

The main theme of my work is people. Through my portraits, I express myself, my inner world, mood. And the model here serves as a mediator, like a mirror in which I am reflected.


In my works, through the bends of lines, the pulsation of volumes of paint, I want to express movement, "the breath of life", freedom.


Sometimes for my work I use photographs that I take on the street, in the subway and other places, but more I like to draw people from nature. This amazing state is like communication, but without words.


If you would like to buy my artwork or have any question, please contact me by phone, e-mail or social networks. 

Open for collaboration and interesting proposals!















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